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Flooding from the storm in Ocean City, New Jersey

The 1991 Perfect Storm was a powerful storm that lashed the East Coast of the United States for several days with 30 ft (9 m) waves. The initial area of low pressure developed off Atlantic Canada on October 28 and moved westward toward New England. It absorbed Hurricane Grace to its south and intensified significantly. The center remained offshore, although the high waves caused over $200 million in damage (1991 USD) and 13 deaths. More than 38,000 people were left without power, and along the coast high waves inundated roads and buildings. In portions of New England, damage was worse than Hurricane Bob had caused two months prior. Aside from tidal flooding along rivers, the storm's effects were primarily concentrated along the coast. In the middle of the storm, the Andrea Gail sank, killing its crew of six and inspiring a book and later a movie. It later received the name "the Perfect Storm" after a conversation between Boston National Weather Service forecaster Robert Case and author Sebastian Junger. After moving over the Gulf Stream, the system evolved into a small hurricane that dissipated after striking Nova Scotia. (more...)

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