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To request a Triple Crown
  • For the Standard Triple Crowns, please see Instructions, below.
  • For all other nominations, including the Valiant Return Triple Crown and the Special edition WikiProject Triple Crowns:
    • For WikiProject Triple Crowns, please put the nomination below using this format, including all necessary diffs and relevant links. One article for DYK, GA and FA credited for each project participant is sufficient.
Crown of Italy.svg
  1. To apply for a Triple Crown, cut and paste the nomination layout and add a new entry to the bottom of the list in the subsection below.
  2. Please put each nomination into a third level subsection of the subsection Current nominations.
  3. Unfortunately, links to user subpages will not be accepted in lieu of direct listing. Poorly formatted user space and requests to pore through user contribution histories have resulted in delays to awarding Triple Crowns.
  4. Providing evidence of DYK credit on user's talk page (OR evidence of the DYK archived at Wikipedia:Recent additions plus diffs from the article leading up to DYK); DIFFs from the talk page of GA nomination/review; and links to WP:FAC pages or other candidate discussion pages from Featured content discussions – will help to expedite the process.
  5. There is no need to supply more entries than required. For example, the Imperial Triple Crown requires 2 to 4 DYK, GA and FC sets. If you provide 100 DYKs, 10 GAs and 3 FCs, we will only examine and list 3 sets and ignore the rest.
  6. Note: – Please list all of your articles in your upgrade request (unless WikiProject, where one is sufficient) – for example, for an Imperial Triple Crown nomination, list the 3 new additions and your original material from the Standard Triple Crown – not just the new material. This will make things a bit easier.
Nomination layout
;Note here which type of "Triple Crown" the nomination is for (and note if it's an upgrade).
{| class="wikitable"
! User !! DYK !! GA !! FC
| DYKs (use [[wikilinks]] for each article)
| GAs
| FC

Current nominations[edit]

  • Please note, as per the instructions, providing evidence of DYK credit in your nomination will expedite the review process.