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  • Wikipedia:Lead section
    • In WP:LEAD#Format of the first sentence, changed "page title" to "article's subject", and added: "The article's subject is usually the same as the page title, but not always. In lists (including outlines, indexes, and glossaries), the subject is generally preceded by the article type (such as "List of"). The article type should not be presented as the subject of the article, only the part after it should. For example, in Outline of Africa, the first sentence of the lead should describe Africa, and present it in bold - not Outline of Africa (the article is not about outlines of Africa, it is presenting an article on Africa in outline form)."
    • At the top of WP:LEAD#Biographies, added "Main article:[sic] Biographies of living persons"
    • Changed WP:LEAD#Citations substantially from the May 31 version