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The Redcoats tried to fight an uphill battle. They lost over 1000 troops.

Often on Wikipedia, editors will disagree with widely accepted policies and guidelines, or with a more specific type of consensus. Fighting against the majority, and those more widely respected than yourself, can present difficulties. Nonetheless, if you have read their arguments and remain convinced that your position is right, there is nothing wrong with stating your points. Even a consensus can make a bad decision sometimes, and you do the encyclopedia a favor by pointing it out. Remember the Abilene paradox.

When uphill battles are a bad idea[edit]

Signs you're getting into an uphill battle[edit]

  • You're the only person reverting to a specific version on a fairly popular article.
  • Your comments directly contradict one or more existing policies.
  • You're absolutely, positively certain that you're right, or at least that everyone else is wrong.
  • You're arguing with an administrator.

Common uphill battles[edit]

What to do if you're in an uphill battle[edit]

  • Get away from it. Just because you're correct doesn't mean you have to win.
  1. A- Make a short comment on how you're done arguing about it, and
    B- leave it for someone else to worry about. Chances are, if you're right, reason will win out in the end.
  2. Up and leave. Just completely tune out the conversation, and then proceed to 1b
  • Do something else. There is something else on Wikipedia you can find to edit that will interest you. I promise.

What NOT to do in an uphill battle[edit]

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