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Wikipedia user pages make great bookmarks that can be used for presentation guides and lesson plans. A simple user page (which is not actually a part of the encyclopedia) can be assembled to function as a navigation index or table of contents for a given topic that teachers and presenters can use to assist with lesson plans and presentations.

There are four main steps to this process:

  1. Create a user account
  2. Create your main user page to include a reference to your presentation navigation page
  3. Create your navigation page
  4. Create one page for each presentation or lesson with links and notes

Create a user account[edit]

See Help:Logging in for more detail

You will need to create a user account in Wikipedia if you do not have one already. Accounts are free, but you will want to read the Wikipedia username policy before getting started. If you have an account already, you've already accomplished step one.

Create your user page[edit]

See WP:USERPAGE for more detail

Most users create user-pages for their account. Some are robust pages, others are very simple.

There are many reasons to create a user page, but for this project there is one very important reason: ease of navigation. At the time of this writing, when you are logged in to Wikipedia you can see your username at the top of the page--click that link and you are taken to your User home page.

On this page, you will want to create a link to the page [[User:username/Navigation]] (which we will create in step 3). This gives you ease of navigation to your projects, presentations, and lesson plans.

Create your navigation page[edit]

After following the simple process in step 2 above, you will save that page and then view the page. You should see a "red-line" link to [[User:username/Navigation]]. Click on that red-lined link and you will be able to begin editing that page.

Now you simply create lists and groupings of your various presentations and lesson plans. A schoolteacher might have the following:

Lesson Plans

  • American History
    • American Revolution
    • American Presidents
    • Native American Influence
    • Westward Expansion
    • Gunfighters
  • Music
    • Wind Instruments
    • Brass Instruments
    • Classical Composers
    • Pop Music Performers

Create presentation/lesson page[edit]

Now simply create another user page, such as [[User:username/American Presidents]] And create navigation links for key points in your lesson or presentation. You can also put other notes on the side next to each point.

American Presidents List of Presidents of the United States