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Vital articles
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These are approximately 100 subjects on which Wikipedia should have corresponding featured-class articles. They form Level 2 of the vital articles list, and include all ten subjects on the Level 1 list, which are displayed on this page in bold.

Articles are labelled as:

These symbols and article counts are updated by Bot0612.

Of the 99 articles, 3 are Start-Class article Start-class, 54 are C-Class article C-class, 30 are B-Class article B-class, 9 are Good article Good, 4 are Featured article Featured Articles.

Current total (99 articles)[edit]

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History (9 articles)[edit]

Geography (11 articles)[edit]

Arts (7 articles)[edit]

Philosophy and religion (5 articles)[edit]

Everyday life (8 articles)[edit]

Society and social sciences (19 articles)[edit]

Science and medicine (27 articles)[edit]

Technology (8 articles)[edit]

Mathematics (5 articles)[edit]