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Vital articles
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Vital articles are lists of subjects for which the English Wikipedia should have corresponding featured-class articles. They serve as centralized watchlists to track the status of Wikipedia's most important articles. The very most important articles are in Level 1.

This page lists 100 subjects on which Wikipedia should have corresponding featured-class articles. They form Level 2 of the vital articles list, and include all ten subjects on the Level 1 list, which are displayed on this page in bold.

Articles are labelled as:

These symbols and article counts are updated daily by User:cewbot.

  • The bot only update counter with the pattern "(000 articles)" in section title.
  • All attributes of articles get from corresponding categories.
  • The bot will automatically update the summary table if there are summary table marks. Please refer to Wikipedia:Vital articles for the example of summary table.

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Total 100 articles.

Class Articles
B-Class article B 29
Failed good article nominee FGAN 13
Delisted good article DGA 11
C-Class article C 52
Featured article FA 5
Start-Class article Start 3
Good article GA 11
Former featured article FFA 4

Current total (100 articles)[edit]

History (10 articles)[edit]

Geography (11 articles)[edit]

Arts (7 articles)[edit]

Philosophy and religion (5 articles)[edit]

Everyday life (8 articles)[edit]

Society and social sciences (19 articles)[edit]

Science and medicine (27 articles)[edit]

Technology (8 articles)[edit]

Mathematics (5 articles)[edit]