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Libraries and archives are increasingly ready to release their electronical catalogue entries. This is the project to create a Wikipedia-based resource to be based on such data, a resource which users should not only consult to locate materials but also to intelligently connect, comment and correct information they find.

The database should be as complex as the data we receive and it should offer more: the international perspective, complex search options, searches one could use to create diagrams, visualizations etc.

The ideal tool would be a central data base within the Wikipedia universe - a data base feeding Wikipedia articles with information. Wikisource-should be able to use these data. It would be an immense success to win over Google Books as a partner, as their research tools work at a sub-optimal level.

The entire project should be seen as a first step into the arena of structured data. A first project phase is financed by Wikimedia Germany. These pages are designed to serve as the project's international platform.