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Structure guidelines[edit]

Wikiproject Canadian communities

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A complete article about a Canadian community should have the following elements and sections:

Infobox - {{Infobox Settlement}}
Lead - Context (what and where), summary of the article, total population, name origin, see also Wikipedia:Lead section
  1. History - Historic events, incorporation history²
  2. Geography - Geographic setting, geographical features, climate, communities/neighbourhoods
  3. Demographics - Use Canada 2011 Census data where available (2011 Census Profiles)
  4. Economy - Dominant industries, agriculture if applicable, major employers
  5. Arts and culture - Cultural venues, festivals and significant cultural events
  6. Attractions - Museums and other points of interest, parks (local, regional, provincial parks), recreation venues
  7. Sports - Sport teams and significant athletic events
  8. Government - Governing body (council, mayor)², administrative bodies, political representation, police and crime, military facilities
  9. Infrastructure - Transportation, utilities, health care, amenities
  10. Education - Schools, colleges, responsible organizations
  11. Media¹ - Local newspapers, TV, and radio stations
Other topics may include sister cities, notable people
12. See also - Related wikipedia articles, if not already detailed in other sections
13. References - Citations per Verifiability, see Citing sources, use {{reflist}}, also books and further external sources
14. External links - Official link of the community only, be aware of Wikipedia:External links
15. Footers - The following optional entries per wp:Footers:
Geo box - optional, use {{Geographic Location}}
Navigational box(es) - see available templates, only relevant navigational boxes, be aware of Wikipedia:Avoid template creep
Coordinates - use {{Coord|display=title|region:CA_type:city}} to geo-tag articles
Categories - don't over-categorize
Stub tags - for new sketchy pages that should be subsequently expanded, see available tags
¹ For larger cities, this should be little more a link to a separate "Media of City" article. This section should only list media which are locally based.
² For incorporated places only