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The WikiProject Catholicism Notability guide is intended to provide recommendations regarding the notability of topics within the scope of the project.


In general, an individual is presumed to be notable if they have received significant coverage in multiple verifiable independent, reliable sources. In particular, an individual will almost always have sufficient coverage to qualify if they:

  1. Are, or were when living, a member of the Catholic Episcopate (such as the Pope, patriarch, cardinal, Archbishops, diocesan bishop, or other Catholic church equivalent) ; or
  2. Have been declared a Saint by the Catholic Church; or
  3. Are in the process of possible canonization and are recognized by the titles "Venerable" and/or "Blessed"; or
  4. Played an important role in a significant event within the Catholic Church; or
  5. Made a material contribution to Roman Catholic theology that is indisputably attributed to them; or
  6. Were recognised by their peers as an authoritative source on Catholic matters and writings.