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This is a list of basic computer science topics. The goal is to figure out which essential CS-related articles are in need of improvement and in what way they can be improved. Hopefully, expanding and sourcing these fundamental topics will make the Wikipedia 1.0 release more complete. See also, Work via WikiProjects.

Assess each article according to the Assessment guidelines and include the date of the assessment. State any obvious issues or suggestions.

Items can be added or removed from this list if need be.

Wikiproject Computer science
Article Date Assessment Comments
Abstraction Feb. 12, 2006 B Has content, but structure and flow need work.
Algorithm Feb 17, 2007 GA Could do with some work on style, specifically it would be good to have footnote-based citations, rather than the current inline ones.
Array Feb 17, 2007 B Covers the important ground reasonably well. The table of languages at the end seems a little arbitrary in what languages are included and excluded. Lacks sources, however.
Big O notation
Class Feb 17, 2007 Start Introduction is written from a very theoretical perspective, which is a little confusing. Should be rewritten to be more easily comprehensible. Too much space given to showing examples of class declaration in different languages; two should be enough (C++ and Smalltalk, perhaps, to show opposing ideas). Lacks sources.
Closure Feb. 12, 2006 B Well-written, but at too high a level. Needs more on "implementation and theory"; "programming languages with closures" should probably be moved to a category, "simulating closures" needs work.
Computation Feb. 10, 2006 Stub
Computational complexity
Computer architecture Aug. 26, 2006 Start
Computer programming
Concurrency Feb. 10, 2006 Start
Continuation Dec. 24, 2006 B Should give a specific use of continuations in the "Practical Uses" section
Control flow
Data structure Aug. 29, 2006 Start Needs references. Not much content. Very C++ / Java twist. Perhaps structures from functional languages should be included. More abstract (i.e. not tied to any given language) concepts of structure would be desirable.
Data type
Declarative programming
Finite state machine
Formal methods Feb. 10, 2006 B Needs references
Functional programming Feb. 12, 2006 B Needs references, structural work, NPOV improvements
Graph Apr. 10, 2006 Start Needs structuring, expansion, references, and illustrations.
Halting problem Feb 17 2007 B Potential candidate for GA status with a little work. May need to introduce some of the concepts in a way friendlier to somebody unfamiliar with set theory.
Imperative programming
Information hiding
Kernel Jan. 16, 2007 GA Is incomplete, but is already somewhat long. May need reorganizing to bring to FA class.
Logic programming
Object Oct. 31, 2006 Start "In-depth" is loosely-written, including many different aspects but focusing on none in meaningful detail. "Object in object-oriented programming" seems redundant, but the section contains information better left to other articles. Needs cleanup in both content and style.
Object-oriented programming Feb. 12, 2006 Start POV and focus. "OOP as a new paradigm" is very unfocused and has a pro-OOP POV; "critique" also rambles (but is incomplete) and has a relational-database POV; "Learning" has a strong C++ POV. "Formal definition" is in serious need of expert attention. "Fundamental concepts" needs to be re-written and expanded to make sense to someone without an OOP background; maybe add some more OOP terms like "method" and "delegate" and explain inheritance and subclasses more formally.
Operating system Feb 17, 2007 Start Good amount of information on many aspects of the subject, but not particularly well structured. Needs substantial work to bring the prose up to scratch. Has some sources, but not enough to cover the volume of text in the article. Some sections contain {{fact}} tags.
Parallel computing Aug. 26, 2006 Start
π-calculus Feb. 10, 2006 B
Procedural programming
Programming language Feb. 12, 2006 Start Data structures has an OO-POV, Design Philosophy has a LISP-POV, "compilation and interpretation" needs a lot of work, History has a C-POV, Classifications ought to be done using categories
Programming language theory Feb. 12, 2006 Start History is part PL theory and part just PL, intro is a bit Scheme-oriented, rest of article is stub-level (no Curry-Howard isomorphism, even!)
Programming language semantics Feb. 12, 2006 Stub Nicely written, but mostly just a list of sub-topics
Recursion Feb. 13, 2006 B Could use some clean-up
Regular expression Feb. 13, 2006 Start needs reorganization, clean up lists. also too many external links.
Software engineering Feb. 10, 2006 B Needs peer-review and illustrations
Turing machine
Alan Turing Feb. 10, 2006 A-Class article A Good article