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Onomastic range of the Dacian towns with the dava ending, covering Dacia, Moesia, Thrace and Dalmatia


The scope of the project includes the following elements:

  • The time span: 1500 BC - 600 AD, with the core focus on the Classical times. This doesn't imply any support for Daco-Romanian continuity nor it denies it. It also doesn't imply that Dacians, Getae or Moesi appeared exactly in 1500 BC or disappeared in 600 AD. It simply provides a common sense time frame within which most known and reliable academic references to the mentioned people and space were made. References outside this time frame are scarce to non-existent.
  • The space: The sum of Dacia (at Burebista's time) plus Moesia and Scythia Minor (after Roman conquest) where Dacians, Getae and Moesi where known to live, without implying a continuum or uniformity or that they are necessarily identical people. While closely related, Thrace is considered relatively distinct, at least linguistically. The related articles about Thrace, especially around the common culture, religion, warfare, are usually marked with low importance but not zero importance, and without implying that Dacians are Thracians or the other way around.
  • The people: As Dacia was named after Daci, the Dacians are at the core focus, but others who lived in the same space, in various periods within the time span in scope, including Celts, Romans, Greeks, Germanic people, Sarmatians, Scythians, Illyrians, Thracians and others not mentioned here, are by no means excluded. Articles related to their contribution and interaction with Dacians, Getae and Moesi are very welcomed and encouraged.
  • The culture: The core focus is the Paleo-Balkan culture, where religion, language, warfare, art had more or less enough commonality across the ancients in the space and time span defined in the scope. The other different cultures that existed or later migrated in the space are not excluded or their importance is not minimized in any way, but are not the core focus. There also are other specialized projects that focus on those cultures.
  • The name: The name choice for the project doesn't imply that all the space or territory defined in the scope was only or entirely Dacian. It was chosen for simplicity and since it has more resonance than other possible choices.

Your input on greater clarification on the scope is greatly appreciated, if you wish to comment make a new section on our Talk page


We at WikiProject on Dacia work together to reach the following goals:

  1. Make the little known but important Dacian history available to the world.
  2. Increase the exposure and quality of Dacia related articles on Wikipedia.
  3. Improve every article in the category Dacia stubs.
  4. Ensure that every Dacia related article on Wikipedia is well written, comprehensive, factually accurate, appropriately referenced, neutral, and stable.
  5. Support other WikiProjects, groups, and editors, who are striving to achieve the same goals.
  6. Make resistance cars.