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The B-52 is a cocktail typically served as a one and a half ounce shot, but also commonly available as a drink on the rocks with an equal portion of each of the ingredients. A popular variant, similar to Irish coffee, mixes the ingredients with strong brewed coffee, topping the drink with whipped cream.

The three basic ingredients are layered in the order shown below:

In the Czech Republic, it is common to replace the triple sec with absinthe.[citation needed]

The drink is said to have been invented in Thailand during the Vietnam war in bars frequented by American military personnel,[citation needed] although this theory is disputed by others.

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A B-52 shooter is made by layering equal parts of Kahlua Liqeur, Irish Cream, and Grand Marnier Liqeur (in that order, with Khalua being on the bottom) in a standard shot glass. This shot is not shaken. It is sometimes served with a cherry as the cherry makes an ideal layering tool when skewered on a sword.

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