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Arabic Intertranswiki
Translating content from Arabic Wikipedia

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Welcome to WikiProject Intertranswiki Arabic, a collaborative effort to improve English Wikipedia by importing and translating content from Arabic Wikipedia. The aim of the project is to draw up a full directory of missing content from Arabic Wikipedia organised by topic and sub topic as well as to tag existing articles which need major translation from the other language equivalent and begin to work towards creating the articles or improving an existing article. Once the directory is drawn up, the project is intended to work towards starting the missing articles and where possible combine inter-wiki translation with reliable sources elsewhere. You can also use this tool or Petscan to find articles in a specified category in Arabic Wikipedia that have interwiki links to other Wikipedias but not to English Wikipedia. Please note that not all content is suitable for transferring and please exercise caution if translating unreferenced material or the subject is controversial. Where possible, translations should be backed by reliable sources.

Translating and expanding existing articles[edit]

Articles currently tagged as needing translation from Arabic Wikipedia as part of WikiProject Intertranswiki are categorised as Category:Articles needing translation from Arabic Wikipedia and organized by main topic.

To add a tag to an existing article which you know of that could be expanded from Arabic Wikipedia add the following:

{{Expand Arabic|topic=|date=}}

The following code is to be applied to categorise an article needing translation in any of the above categories:

  • {{Expand Arabic|fa=yes|date=}} for Featured Articles
  • {{Expand Arabic|topic=geo|date=}} for Geographical articles
  • {{Expand Arabic|topic=sport|date=}} for Sports articles
  • {{Expand Arabic|topic=culture|date=}} for Culture articles
  • {{Expand Arabic|topic=hist|date=}} for History articles
  • {{Expand Arabic|topic=sci|date=}} for Science articles
  • {{Expand Arabic|topic=struct|date=}} for Building and structure articles
  • {{Expand Arabic|topic=transport|date=}} for Transport articles
  • {{Expand Arabic|topic=gov|date=}} for Government and politics articles

If the article on Arabic Wikipedia is worded differently from the English version then the exact article name should be entered into the expand template to enable direct translation. For example, Yahya Haqqi would be tagged as follows:

  • {{Expand Arabic|يحيى حقي |topic=culture|date=August 2009}}

Missing article directory[edit]

There are thousands of articles missing that need starting and to be translated from Arabic Wikipedia. Missing articles will be listed and organised by main topic and then sub ordered by category or specific topic.

Translation assistance[edit]


Formal project members[edit]