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WikiProject Mantodea
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Large brown mantid
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The aim of this WikiProject is to set out broad suggestions about how to organize data in the articles relating to the Mantodea. We also hope to encourage the development of important stubs and articles following these suggestions. In general, these are only suggestions, and you shouldn't feel obligated to follow them.


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Wikiproject Mantodea


We welcome new members who can contribute in any small way to the work we are undertaking. Even the smallest piece of knowledge may make a huge difference to somebody! New participants are welcome to add their names to the list below, along with a speciality or areas of interest. Involvement with Phasmid related organisations can also be listed. This information is provided for other editors to have a list of available contacts if they need help or advice.


Participants may add the userbox ( {{User:Bjaco18/UBX/wikipedia:wikiproject mantodea}} ) to their User pages to show they are members of the WikiProject.

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I will eat bader articles!

To write and maintain high quality articles on as many taxa as possible.

The initial tasks of the project:

  • Insert taxonomy from Mantodea Species File.
  • Place the stubs.
  • Prepare articles to extent possible up to the required standard.
  • Place images suitably captioned.

General Article Advice[edit]

The article should be placed under the Latin name of the species (e.g. Carausius morosus). Common names should be redirected to this page. It is advised that where mantis or equivalent appears in the common name that all of the following alternatives are redirected to the species page:

  • Praying mantis
  • Praying mantid
  • mantid
  • mantis
  • mantises
  • Mantids Vista-clean.png

Subspecies should be included with the main species, unless they are exceptionally notable (very rare in this order).

Suggested Layout[edit]

It is recommended that species articles use the following format. The use of Taxoboxes is highly recommended.

  • Introduction to the species
  • Description
  • Taxonomy
    • Subspecies
  • Behaviour
  • Rearing in Captivity
  • Other miscellaneous headings

It is also not desirable (yet) to create additional sub-categories for separate subordinate taxa. If/when this becomes necessary species articles should be placed in only the subordinate taxon category, and not the mantodea category. This agrees with Wikipedia guidelines, and makes the category hierarchy resemble a Linnean hierarchy.

Subcategories for other reasons (particular behaviours, geographic distribuions, etc.) can be made freely (but sensibly). In these cases it is better for a species article to be in this category in addition to the taxonomic categories.

Use of media[edit]

The articles try to display as many relevant images as possible. The aim being to be as useful and encyclopedic as is necessary. We would like to have, and in some cases, we have been able to obtain photos of :

  • Adult (both sexes), nymph, egg.
  • Mantids involved in activities such as mating, feeding.
  • Photos of any other aspect of natural history relevant such as host-plant or parasites.
  • Drawings or illustrations from old books, paintings or sculpture.

In the future we would like to attach video clips, list of common and vernacular names, distribution maps and comparison galleries to ease species identification.

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Article and task requests[edit]

  • Articles on species commonly kept in captivity
  • Photographs for species

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