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Article Symbol Status NIST reference Link Gold Book reference
alpha particle mass mα Question {{CODATA|url=}}
atomic mass constant mu Question {{CODATA|url=}} [1] {{GoldBookRef|title=atomic mass constant|file=A00497.html}}
Avogadro constant NA Question {{CODATA|url=}} [2] {{GoldBookRef|title=Avogadro constant|file=A00543.html}}
Bohr magneton µB Question {{CODATA|url=}} [3] {{GoldBookRef|title=Bohr magneton|file=B00692.html}}
Bohr radius a0 Question {{CODATA|url=}} [4] {{GoldBookRef|title=Bohr radius|file=B00693.html}}
Boltzmann constant k Question {{CODATA|url=}} [5] {{GoldBookRef|title=Boltzmann constant|file=B00695.html}}
characteristic impedance of vacuum Z0 Question {{CODATA|url=}}
classical electron radius re Question {{CODATA|url=}}
Compton wavelength λC Question {{CODATA|url=}}
conductance quantum G0 Question {{CODATA|url=}}
deuteron g factor gd Question {{CODATA|url=}}
deuteron magnetic moment µd Question {{CODATA|url=}}
deuteron mass md Question {{CODATA|url=}}
deuteron rms charge radius rd Question {{CODATA|url=}}
electric constant ε0 Question {{CODATA|url=}}
electron g factor ge Question {{CODATA|url=}}
electron gyromagnetic ratio γe Question {{CODATA|url=}}
electron magnetic moment µe Question {{CODATA|url=}}
electron magnetic moment anomaly ae Question {{CODATA|url=}}
electron mass me Question {{CODATA|url=}} [6] {{GoldBookRef|title=electron rest mass|file=E02008.html}}
elementary charge e Question {{CODATA|url=}} [7] {{GoldBookRef|title=elementary charge|file=E02032.html}}
Faraday constant F Question {{CODATA|url=}} [8] {{GoldBookRef|title=Faraday constant|file=F02325.html}}
Fermi coupling constant GF/(ħc0 Question {{CODATA|url=}}
fine-structure constant α Question {{CODATA|url=}} [9] {{GoldBookRef|title=fine structure constant, α|file=F02389.html}}
first radiation constant c1 Question {{CODATA|url=}} [10] {{GoldBookRef|title=radiation constants|file=R05051.html}}
Hartree energy Eh Question {{CODATA|url=}} [11] {{GoldBookRef|title=Hartree energy|file=H02748.html}}
helion mass mh Question {{CODATA|url=}}
Josephson constant KJ Question {{CODATA|url=}}
magnetic constant µ0 Question {{CODATA|url=}}
magnetic flux quantum Φ0 Question {{CODATA|url=}}
molar gas constant R Question {{CODATA|url=}} [12] {{GoldBookRef|title=gas constant|file=G02579.html}}
molar volume of ideal gas Vm Question {{CODATA|url=}}
muon Compton wavelength λC,µ Question {{CODATA|url=}}
muon g factor gµ Question {{CODATA|url=}}
muon magnetic moment µµ Question {{CODATA|url=}}
muon magnetic moment anomaly aµ Question {{CODATA|url=}}
muon mass mµ Question {{CODATA|url=}}
neutron Compton wavelength λC,n Question {{CODATA|url=}}
neutron g factor gn Question {{CODATA|url=}}
neutron gyromagnetic ratio γn Question {{CODATA|url=}}
neutron magnetic moment µn Question {{CODATA|url=}}
neutron mass mn Question {{CODATA|url=}} [13] {{GoldBookRef|title=neutron rest mass|file=N04120.html}}
Newtonian constant of gravitation G Question {{CODATA|url=}} [14] {{GoldBookRef|title=gravitational constant|file=G02695.html}}
nuclear magneton µN Question {{CODATA|url=}} [15] {{GoldBookRef|title=nuclear magneton|file=N04236.html}}
Planck constant h Question {{CODATA|url=}} [16] {{GoldBookRef|title=Planck constant|file=P04685.html}}
Planck length lP Question {{CODATA|url=}}
Planck mass mP Question {{CODATA|url=}}
Planck temperature TP Question {{CODATA|url=}}
Planck time tP Question {{CODATA|url=}}
proton Compton wavelength λC,p Question {{CODATA|url=}}
proton g factor gP Question {{CODATA|url=}}
proton gyromagnetic ratio γp Question {{CODATA|url=}} [17] {{GoldBookRef|title=proton magnetogyric ratio|file=P04912.html}}
proton magnetic moment µp Question {{CODATA|url=}} [18] {{GoldBookRef|title=proton magnetic moment|file=P04911.html}}
proton magnetic shielding correction σ'p Question {{CODATA|url=}}
proton mass mp Question {{CODATA|url=}} [19] {{GoldBookRef|title=proton rest mass|file=P04914.html}}
proton rms charge radius rp Question {{CODATA|url=}}
quantum of circulation h/2me Question {{CODATA|url=}}
Rydberg constant R Question {{CODATA|url=}} [20] {{GoldBookRef|title=Rydberg constant|file=R05430.html}}
Sackur-Tetrode constant S0/R Question {{CODATA|url=}} [21] {{GoldBookRef|title=Sackur–Tetrode constant|file=S05442.html}}
second radiation constant c2 Question {{CODATA|url=}} [22] {{GoldBookRef|title=radiation constants|file=R05051.html}}
shielded helion gyromagnetic ratio γ'h Question {{CODATA|url=}}
shielded helion magnetic moment µ'h Question {{CODATA|url=}}
shielded proton gyromagnetic ratio γ'p Question {{CODATA|url=}}
shielded proton magnetic moment µ'p Question {{CODATA|url=}}
speed of light in a vacuum c0 Question {{CODATA|url=}}
Stefan-Boltzmann constant σ Question {{CODATA|url=}} [23] {{GoldBookRef|title=Stefan–Boltzmann constant|file=S05964.html}}
tau Compton wavelength λC,τ Question {{CODATA|url=}}
tau mass mτ Question {{CODATA|url=}}
Thomson cross section σe Question {{CODATA|url=}}
triton g factor gt Question {{CODATA|url=}}
triton magnetic moment µt Question {{CODATA|url=}}
triton mass mt Question {{CODATA|url=}}
von Klitzing constant RK Question {{CODATA|url=}}
weak mixing angle sin²θW Question {{CODATA|url=}}
Wien wavelength displacement law b Question {{CODATA|url=}}