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  1. Jose Chavez, y Chavez
  2. Al Borde- Rock en Español magazine
  3. Soledad Alatorre/Chole Alatorre - labor activist
  4. ASCO - East Los Angeles-based Chicano art collective
  5. Asociación Nacional México-Americana/Asociacion Nacional Mexico-Americana
  6. David Avalos/David Ávalos - San Diego-based Chicano artist
  7. Modesta Avila/Modesta Ávila - pre-Movement activist
  8. Aztec dance/Danza Azteca/Danza Mexica - dance genre
  9. Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies, Aztlán, Aztlán - an academic journal [1]
  10. Maxine Baca Zinn/Maxine Baca-Zinn - writer
  11. Carlos "Chaz" Bojorquez - artist
  12. David Botello -artist
  13. Border art/Arte Fronterizo/BAW/TAF/Border Art Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo Border Art Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo- Art collective/workshop
  14. The Brat (musical group)-Chicano punk group
  15. La Brocha del Valle/Brocha del Valle -Fresno art collective
  16. Brown pride - slogan/cultural ideal
  17. Rito Canales and Antonio Cordova -Chicano Movement martyrs and Black Berets members, murdered by police in late 1971 in NM
  18. Casa de la Raza/La Casa de la Raza -Santa Barbara cultural center
  19. Melesio Casas -artist
  20. Antonia Castañeda/Antonia Castaneda - writer
  21. Wilfredo Castaño/Wilfredo Castano - writer and artist
  22. Leonel Castillo-former INS commissioner
  23. Centro Cultural Aztlán- San Antonio, Texas cultural center
  24. Chicana/Latina Foundation Burlingame, California foundation
  25. Chicana Service Action Committee - East Los Angeles activist group/center
  26. Chicano Art/Chicano Art movement - artistic genre
  27. Chicano Communications Center, Albuquerque NM
  28. Chicano Liberation Front - 70s underground revolutionary group - California
  29. Chicano Muralist Movement/Chicano muralism/Mexican-American muralism - artistic movement
  30. Chicano Secret Service -comedy troupe
  31. Chicano Spanish (as distinct from Mexican Spanish, Chicano English, or Caló)
  32. Chicano Street Arts Movement - artistic movement
  33. Chusma House Publications - publishing house
  34. Evelyn Cisneros - Dancer
  35. Colonia Chiques - Oxnard, California barrio/gang
  36. The Communist Party and Mexican-Americans (cfr The Communist Party and African-Americans)
  37. Antonio Cordova - see Rito Canales
  38. Lucha Corpi - detective fiction writer and poet
  39. Frank Corrales - Folk musician
  40. Cortito/El cortito/short-handled hoe/short handled hoe/short handle hoe - tool, UFW successfully campaigned for its illegalization
  41. Rufino Contreras - UFW martyr
  42. Daniel Desiga -Oregon Chicano artist
  43. Jesse Diaz/Jesse Díaz - activist
  44. Richard Duardo - Los Angeles-based Chicano artist
  45. Sergio Elizondo - writer and priest
  46. Gaspar Enriquez - artist
  47. El Espectador -early newspaper
  48. Esperanza Peace and Justice Center- San Antonio, Texas center
  49. Bernardo Eureste - former San Antonio City Councilman, corrupt politician
  50. Filipino Mexican American
  51. Flakiss/La Flakiss - Hip hop artist
  52. Lysa Flores - musician
  53. La Fuerza Unida -Women's Labor Movement, San Antonio, Texas
  54. Gallista Gallery - San Antonio, Texas art gallery
  55. Armando Garcia/Armando García - Entrepreneur
  56. Isabel Garcia (attorney)/Isabel García (attorney)
  57. Janice Garcia/Janice García - Gang prevention specialist
  58. Margaret Garcia/Margaret García - East Los Angeles artist
  59. Mario T. Garcia/Mario T. García - Historian
  60. Rupert Garcia/Rupert García - Artist
  61. Irasema T. Garza -Director of the U.S. Dept. of Labor's Women's Bureau
  62. Ignacio Gomez (artist)/Ignacio Gómez (artist) - Graphic artist
  63. Henry Gonzales - politician, Texas
  64. Pedro J. Gonzalez/Pedro J. González/Pedro Gonzalez/Pedro J. González - San Diego/border-area musician, broadcaster, and political prisoner
  65. Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center/Guadalupe Cultural Arts - San Antonio, Texas
  66. Raul Guerrero - Artist
  67. Zarco Guerrero - Arizona sculptor, famous for masks
  68. Wayne Alaniz Healy - East Los Angeles muralist and graphic artist
  69. Las hermanas/Las Hermanas - Catholic feminist nun's movement within the Chicano movement
  70. Adan Hernandez/Adán Hernández - Artist
  71. Antonia Hernandez/Antonia Hernández - Civil rights attorney
  72. Houchen Methodist Settlement House - A Texas settlement house, pro-assimilation
  73. Immigrant rights
  74. Josefa-Juanita - perhaps the first victim of anti-Mexican ethnic cleansing in California
  75. La Prensa - bilingual newspaper, existing links for La Prensa (California), La Prensa (Florida), La Prensa (Michigan), & La Prensa (Texas)
  76. Latin American Bible Institute
  77. Latino Cultural Heritage Digital Archives at CSUN. Home to many Mexican-American primary source documents
  78. Latino USA - radio journal of news & culture
  79. Luis Leal (scholar)/Luis Leal (writer)
  80. Aliza Lifshitz - Doctor and civic leader
  81. Leo Limon/Leo Limón - artist
  82. William Longley/Bill Longley - see Guillermo Vásquez
  83. Ignacio Lutero Lopez/Ignacio Lutero López (add to Ignacio López dab page) -founder and publisher of El Espectador, an influential bilingual newspaper in 1930s-1940s Southern California
  84. Rosa M. - Chicana artist
  85. El Malcriado - El Teatro Campesino publication
  86. Ralph Maradiaga/Rafael Maradiaga - artist and founder of the Galeria de la Raza
  87. Demetria Martinez/Demetria Martínez -Chicana author
  88. Emanuel Martinez/Emanuel Martínez -CO artist
  89. Michael Martinez (columnist)/Michael Martínez (columnist) -conservative columnnist (not totally sure he's Mexican-American)
  90. Refugio Martínez/Refugio Martinez, Chicago union organizer unjustly deported in the 1940s
  91. Miguel Méndez/Miguel Mendez/Miguel M. Méndez - Arizona writer
  92. Amalia Mesa-Bains -artist and theorist
  93. Mexican American Bar Association
  94. Mexican Americans and the Roman Catholic Church
  95. Mexican Cherokees
  96. Military history of Mexican-Americans
  97. Richard Montoya - see Culture Clash
  98. Enrique Morones founder of Border Angels
  99. Carlos Morton - playwright
  100. Jose Moya del Piño/José Moya del Piño - pre-movement muralist
  101. Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social/MALCS - Chicana scholars' organization
  102. Carlos Muñoz, Jr./Carlos Muñoz - author and professor
  103. Congreso Nacional del Pueblo de Habla Española/Congreso de Pueblos de Hablan Española/Congreso de Pueblos de Habla Española/Congreso de Pueblos que Hablan Español/Spanish-Speaking People's Congress/Spanish Speaking People's Congress/National Congress of Spanish-Speaking Peoples
  104. Armando Navarro - historian and professor
  105. New Sanctuary movement/New Sanctuary Movement
  106. Pocha Nostra - performance art collective
  107. Victor Ochoa/Víctor Ochoa -published of El Hispanoamericano out of El Paso, a survivor of "El Mochi" massacre, later became an inventor
  108. Joe Olvera - poet and columnist
  109. Victor Orozco Ochoa - San Diego-area muralist
  110. Orquesta Medellín/Orquesta Medellin - musical group
  111. Javier Pacheco - poet
  112. Monica Palacios - see Culture Clash
  113. Pan Dulce - food
  114. Pochismo - cultural current
  115. Project SER - workforce investment program
  116. Josefina Quezada - activist and muralist
  117. raulsalinas - poet
  118. Frank Romero/Frank E. Romero -artist
  119. Alex Rubio -artist
  120. Ric Salinas - see Culture Clash
  121. Jesus Salas - Labor Leader, Wisconsin
  122. San Anto Cultural Arts - San Antonio, Texas arts center
  123. Gil Sanchez (architect) - works on adobe buildings
  124. Marta Sanchez (artist) -there is current a link to Marta Sanchez but she is a singer
  125. Michelle Serros/Michelle M. Serros -Chicana writer, formerly with the George Lopez show
  126. Herbert Siguenza - see Culture Clash
  127. Simón Silva/Simon Silva - artist
  128. Vicente Silva - of the Gorras Blancas
  129. Segundo Barrio/El Segundo Barrio - of El Paso, Texas
  130. El Tecolote (newspaper) - SF bilingual newspaper
  131. Mario Torero/Mario Acevedo Torero/Mario Acevedo (artist) - muralist
  132. Eloy Torrez - artist, muralist
  133. Jesse Trevino -artist
  134. Troy Cafe [2]
  135. Unity clap
  136. John Valadez - artist
  137. Vincent Valdez -artist
  138. Gustavo Vasquez - film and video producer
  139. Richard Vasquez/Richard Vásquez - author of Chicano
  140. Willie Velasquez/Willie Velásquez and Southwest Voter Registration Project (SWVRP)
  141. Lydia Villarreal - attorney
  142. Viva Kennedy Clubs - voters movement for President John F. Kennedy
  143. La Voz de Esperanza - activist publication (monthly)
  144. XISPAS - website
  145. Susan Yamagata - Japanese-American Chicana artist
  146. Tomas Ybarra-Frausto - Art historian
  147. George Yepes - artist

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