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The Titan's Cross is the official award for Operation Majestic Titan, and is given in three varieties. The Titan's Cross is awarded by consensus of the participants of Majestic Titan, and is intended to recognize the hard work and dedication members put into improve the articles within the scope of the operation. For the Titan's Cross to be awarded consensus must be reached among the participants. Anyone may nominate a user for the Titan's Cross, but please keep in mind the following:

  1. Editors are cordially requested not to nominate or vote for themselves.
  2. Nominees should generally be members of the Operation.
  3. Nominees should generally receive the Titan's Cross variants in their order of arrangement (Bronze, Silver, Gold).

To date, the following individuals have been awarded the Bronze Titan's Cross:

  • Bahamut0013: For being the driving force behind the creation of the battleship portal, for being instrumental in helping us rebuild the main page to its current look, and for the hard work and diligence he has shown to this operation. (Awarded June 2010)
  • For his effort to improve our battleship articles for some time now, and for being the driving force behind the improvement of the Yamato-class battleships to their current FT stats. (Awarded May 2010)
  • Kirill Lokshin: For the enormously helpful behind-the-scenes work he has been doing despite not being a member of Majestic Titan nor having an special interest in the subject. In particular, his assistance with technical details our of special project has been greatly appreciated. (Awarded August 2010)
  • MBK004: For his work to inform us of newly opened GA, A, and FACs for our articles, his constant checking and reverting of non-constructive edits, and his assistance in DYK work and suggestions for article improvement. (Awarded May 2010)
  • Parsecboy: For incredible improvements to German warship articles, including the German battlecruiser featured topic and his work with that country's battleships. (Awarded May 2010, tweaked)
  • Sturmvogel 66: For being instrumental in the improvement of a large number of articles, including Good Topics concentrating around Russian battleships, British battlecruisers, and multitude of other articles on or relating to battleships or battlecruisers, for your incredible performance in both the WWI contests due in large part to your improvement of battleship and battlecruiser articles, and for your willingness to tackle such a wide variety of such articles. (Awarded June 2010)
  • The ed17: For being a mover and shaker for Majestic Titan, lending all manner of assistance to the articles you have worked for which has resulted in many moving up to B, GA, and even A class (along with the FAs of course), and for your dedication to constantly adopting articles and to locating good quality reliable sources for those articles which has helped us in our push for the largest FT here on Wikipedia. (Awarded May 2010)
  • TomStar81: For being the main driving force and father of the Operation Majestic Titain, as well as his incredible work on the Iowa-class Featured Topic. (Awarded June 2010)

To date, the following individuals have been awarded the Silver Titan's Cross:

  • Bahamut0013: For his dedication to Operation Majestic Titan, the first special project endorsed by the Military history Project, for being a man of outstanding character both on and off Wikipedia, and for the work you did to turn the main page of Majestic Titan and its associated Battleship Portal into the successes they are today, you are hereby posthumously awarded the first Titan's Cross in Silver. (Posthumously Awarded September 2011)
  • Sturmvogel 66: For his dedication and years long effort in working with battlecruiser articles, culminating in the creation, nomination, and passage of the Featured Topic Battlecruisers of the World. (Awarded November 2013)

To date, the following individuals have been awarded the Gold Titan's Cross:

  • Currently no members have received the Gold Titan's Cross