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This is a summary of current styles and conventions on Wikipedia for Mining-related articles, as determined by application of Wikipedia policies, existing practice and current consensus among the users of Wikipedia:WikiProject Mining.

This document may be added to as needed. However, if you believe that a guideline listed here should be changed, then please solicit consensus at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Mining rather than changing the guideline unilaterally.


Units of measure[edit]

Use the unit of measure that the mine/mining company uses to report their reserves/resources and gives their depths/lengths/volumes in. If the units are metric, use the convert template to show the imperial equivalent and vice versa.


The following guideline is for the naming convention for articles about individual mines.

Names of mines[edit]

Multiple mines with the same name[edit]

As with all articles, the preferred name is the shortest possible, so therefore if a mine typically is referred to without the commodity mined it should not be included (example McArthur River mine).

In cases where there are two mines with the same name, the commodity will be inserted. In this case the mine in Saskatchewan would be moved to McArthur River uranium mine and the mine in Northern Territory would be moved to McArthur River zinc mine with McArthur River mine becoming a disambiguation page for the two (or more) articles.

If disambiguation between two mines of the same name that mine the same commodity is necessary, use the province/state/territory in parentheses as province/state/territory as is the current standard for disambiguating between two places/things (not cities/towns) of the same name, and cities/towns are disambiguated by commas, and there are towns that have the word "mine" at the end of it (example Creighton Mine and Creighton Mine, Ontario). To use the McArthur River example, if there were another McArthur River Uranium Mine somewhere, the mine in Saskatchewan would be moved to McArthur River Uranium Mine (Saskatchewan). In order to keep the naming as simple as possible and to avoid unnecessary use of pipelinks, the state/province/territory in parentheses will only be used if the mines can not be disambiguated by adding the commodity.

In the case of two mines of the same name, within the same province/state/territory, we will use the city/county (or the geographic region that is used in that state/province/territory), a comma, than the province/state/territory, (example Homestake Mine (Lander County, Nevada)), see Homestake Mine for the full extent of this.

In summary the articles will be named with the following priority:

  1. Name mine (unless the commodity is normally used in the name)
  2. Name Commodity mine
  3. Name Commodity mine (State/Province)
  4. Name Commodity mine (County, State/Province)


Mining companies[edit]

Mining companies are to be treated according to the same policies and guidelines as any other company. For a more comprehensive look at creating and editing articles on companies, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Companies/Guidelines.


Before creating articles about mining companies, such articles must meet the general Wikipedia requirement for notability (see Wikipedia:Notability (organizations and companies)).


See Wikipedia:Naming conventions (companies). This includes guidelines as to when and when not the words "company", "corporation", and legal suffixes (such as Inc., LLC, PLC, GmbH) are to be included. It also includes the conventions for disambiguation.