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The WikiProject Open Collaboration of the Week (COTW) invites project members to focus on one or two specific articles every week, so we can build on each other's efforts and make substantial improvements in a short period of time. Each week we will choose one or two articles to work on; feel free to suggest articles for future collaborations!


Collaborate on articles each week to improve key articles and further a sense of community at WP:OPEN.

Specific goals:

  • To improve the articles listed on the Open Educational Resources tab
  • To help those outside of the open educational resources community to better understand what these resources are, and why they matter
  • add your ideas here

Current collaboration articles[edit]

Future collaborations[edit]

Nominate an article for future collaboration here. (Existing lists to draw from: WP:Communicate OER Content)

Past collaborations[edit]

WikiProject Open Collaboration of the Week
Dates Articles
20 October 2013
26 December 2013
7 January 2014


The current COTW articles banner: {{WikiProject Open COTW}}

Looks like this:

Put this template at the top of current COTW articles: {{WikiProject Open COTW-Now}}

Looks like this:

Put this template on the talk pages of previous collaborations: {{WikiProject Open COTW-Was}}

Looks like this:

Award or badge[edit]

We should develop a badge for project members who substantially improve a COTW article.


Based on experience with other COTW programs, we should notify all project members on their talk pages. But if people don't want to be included, they should be able to opt out from notifications here:

Place your name below if you would no longer like to receive the weekly invitation/notification.