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Table of articles by quality and importance[edit]

This table is automatically updated by Oleg Alexandrov's WP 1.0 bot. See the log for the latest changes.
Assessment Assessed/Total Percentage Updated
Quality 19,353/19,353 100% 10:27, 3 July 2016 (UTC)
Importance 19,353/19,353 100% 10:27, 3 July 2016 (UTC)

Always on-going tasks[edit]

  • Assess the quality and importance of "unassessed" articles
  • Re-assess the quality and importance of "Mid" and "Low" importance articles

Quality scale[edit]

A scale for rating the quality of Wikipedia articles with detailed description can be found at Wikipedia:Version_1.0_Editorial_Team/Assessment.

Importance scale[edit]

  • Top: Fundamental and famous physics. Any physics article listed in Wikipedia:Vital articles or Wikipedia:Core topics - 1,000.
  • High: Important or famous. Something an undergraduate physics major could have heard of or studied.
  • Mid: Cover articles that pretty much only people in the know heard about, while not being over-specialized.
  • Low: Everything else











  • Top: Lists of "fundamental" stuff:
  • High: List of physicists.
  • High: List of SI, cgs, and non-SI units approved by the BIPM.
  • Mid: Lists of "important" stuff:
    • List of material-specific constants
    • Lists of material-specific properties
    • Lists of isotopes by elements

Reviewing Cheatsheet[edit]

Reviewing Cheatsheet[edit]

The following highlights current issues. Feel free to either add the issues you've identified, or to strike them as they've been resolved.

WikiProject Physics' Reviewing Cheatsheet
Part of WikiProject Physics Quality Control

Do not remove the elements, but rather strike them as they becomes useless or irrelevant (i.e write <s>text to be struck</s>) to indicate that this element was verified and found to be alright.
If everything in one of the section (i.e everything in one hidden-box has been addressed), change the color of the section from "red" to "green".
This cheatsheet can be used by anyone.
To add the Reviewing Cheatsheet to an article's talk page, simply place {{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject Physics/Quality Control/Reviewing Cheatsheet}} immediately before the first section.

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