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Style guides and standards[edit]

Issues and discussion[edit]

If the article title or the style of some term or phrase in the article has been the subject of debate or is non-obvious, it may be appropriate to place a {{notice}} box on the talk page to indicate the resolution and any references. For example:



"Scout", "Scouting", "Scout Movement" and similar words are always capitalized.


Do not capitalize "pow wow," "camporee," "lunchoree," "jamboree," "show" or similar words unless the reference is to a specific event.


Do not capitalize "group," "pack," "den," "troop," "patrol," "team," "ship," "crew," "district," "council," "region," "area" or similar unless the reference is specific.


These titles are always capitalized:

  • Tiger Cub
  • Wolf Cub Scout
  • Bear Cub Scout
  • Webelos Scout
  • Boy Scout
  • Varsity Scout
  • Venturer
  • Cubmaster
  • Scoutmaster
  • Coach (when referring to a Varsity Scout Coach)
  • Advisor (when referring to a Venturing Advisor, Order of the Arrow adviser is lower case)
  • Skipper
  • Scouter
  • Chief Scout Executive
  • Chief Scout of the World

Capitalize other titles only when they precede the name, else they are lower case. Examples:

  • den leader
  • district executive
  • council commissioner
  • adviser (when referring to an Order of the Arrow adviser)

When a title includes words that are capitalized per the first rule, only those words are capitalized unless it precedes the name. Examples:

  • associate Advisor
  • assistant Chief Scout Executive
  • Skipper's mate

Specific styles that have been discussed[edit]

  • Scout, Scouting, Scout Movement and variants are capitalized
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints- this is the formal name, including "The"
American Indian
Alpha Phi Omega members

Many BSA persons are also APO members, so there is some overlap. Per the APO folks, the preference when noting members is:

  • Alpha Phi Omega brother
  • Alpha Phi Omega honorary brother

Capitalize "brother" and "honorary" only when referring to a specific person (Brother Brown)