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This article describes how to add a Cultivar Infobox to an article on a cultivar, or cultivated variety of plant. Use this infobox only when the cultivar deserves its own article, separate from the article on the species from which it was developed.

For articles on biological species, use a taxobox instead; see Wikipedia:WikiProject Tree of Life/taxobox usage for details. For articles on animal breeds, use the appropriate breed template instead; see for example Wikipedia:WikiProject Dog breeds and Wikipedia:WikiProject Horse breeds.

Quick start[edit]

Hybrid cultivar[edit]

{{Infobox cultivar | name =
| image = IIH.png
| image_width = 250px
| image_caption =
| hybrid =
| cultivar =
| origin =

Non-hybrid cultivar[edit]

{{Infobox cultivar | name =
| image = IIH.png
| image_width = 250px
| image_caption =
| species =
| cultivar =
| origin =

Cultivar Group[edit]

{{Infobox cultivar | name =
| image = IIH.png
| image_width = 250px
| image_caption =
| species = <!-- or hybrid if appropriate -->
| group =
| origin = 
| subdivision = 'Cultivar 1'<br/>
'Cultivar 2'<br/>
'Cultivar 3'


  • Images should be 250px wide.
  • Italicize names of genera and species.
  • Capitalize the cultivar name and place it in 'Single Quotes' (just plain single quotes, not "smart quotes") and don't italicise it.
  • In referring to a hybrid, use a multiplication sign ( × ), not a small letter x.


Hybrid, not assigned to a species[edit]

Brugmansia 'Feingold'
Hybrid parentage Brugmansia hybrid
B. × 'Charles Grimaldi'
× B. candida 'Goldenes Kornett'
Cultivar 'Feingold'
Origin Monika Gottschalk, Germany, 1993

Brugmansia 'Feingold' is cultivar not placed as to species because its parents did not belong to the same species: it is not an infraspecific hybrid. An interesting detail here is that one of its parents, B. 'Charles Grimaldi', is an intergeneric hybrid of B. candida × Datura cubensis, although this not apparent in its name (the cultivar is placed in Brugmansia). Note that this parentage of 'Charles Grimaldi' is not given in the box: that would be a step too far. The full details of parents, grandparents, etc. can be given in the article text.

Intraspecific hybrid[edit]

Malus domestica 'Golden Delicious'
Golden delicious apple.jpg
Golden Delicious apple
Hybrid parentage Malus domestica
Parents unknown, theorized to be
'Golden Reinette' × 'Grimes Golden'
Cultivar 'Golden Delicious'
Origin Clay County, West Virginia, 1914

The 'Golden Delicious' apple is a cross of cultivars of the species Malus domestica whose origin is known even if the exact varieties that gave rise to it are not.

Hybrid, parents unknown[edit]

Rhododendron 'President Roosevelt'
Hybrid parentage Rhododendron hybrid
Parents unknown
Cultivar 'President Roosevelt'
Origin Netherlands, 1920s

The parents of Rhododendron 'President Roosevelt' are not known, so the "Hybrid parentage" section can only mention the genus.


Erysimum 'Chelsea Jacket'
Species Erysimum cheiri
Cultivar 'Chelsea Jacket'

Erysimum 'Chelsea Jacket' was made by selecting individuals of the wild species Erysimum cheiri. Its origin is not known to this editor, so the "Origin" section is left blank in the infobox.

Cultivar Group[edit]

Cabbage, cultivar unknown
Species Brassica oleracea
Cultivar group Capitata Group
Origin Mediterranean, 1st century
Cultivar group members Many; see text.

Member of a Cultivar Group[edit]

Lacinato Kale
Lacinato Kale and Collard Greens.jpg
Species Brassica oleracea
Cultivar group Acephala Group
Cultivar 'Lacinato'
Origin Italy, 19th century

Cultivar with one or more marketing names[edit]

Rosa Royal William
Genus Rosa
Cultivar 'Korzaun'
Marketing names Royal William, Fragrant Charm, Duftzauber, La Magie du Parfum
Origin Reimer Kordes, 1984

The International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (ICNCP) requires a cultivar to have a single unique cultivar name, which is enclosed in single quotes. However, it may have any number of "trade designations", "marketing names" or "selling names". These must not be enclosed in single quotes (but according to the ICNCP should be distinguished typographically). Complete |marketing_names= where these are relevant.