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Course description[edit]

This is a Business Data Communications course for students majoring in ISDS or Computer Science. It focuses computer networks and is aligned with the CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam. This course is also registered as a CxC course at LSU, which means that it is a communications intensive course. The areas of communication that we focus on are visual and speaking. The Instructor for this class is Kari Walters User:Lsukari.

Assignment overview[edit]

Students are divided into groups of three for this course. They are required to do three in class presentations on technical networking topics. Each student will chose one of the topics being presented to write, or improve, an article in Wikipedia. Students must to meet the minimum requirements for a stub article for all new articles. They are required to use at least four sources for their topic. If a student chooses to improve a current article, they must add at least 40 new citations and four new sources to the current article(s) they are working on.

Assignment timeline[edit]

Project Milestones

January 18 - Course introduction and choose groups for project
January 25 - Introduction to the Wikipedia project
March 29 - Wikipedia Training
May 8 - Final article must be submitted to Wikipedia
May 10 - Feedback on Wikipedia article


List of students[edit]

This is a list of ISDS 4120 students' Wikipedia usernames

  1. User:0x55534C
  2. User:AlexGH1
  3. User:Asubed2
  4. User:bchiap
  5. User:Bencst13
  6. User:Bub123456
  7. User:Bweeks5LSU
  8. User:Byakooya
  9. User:ccole17
  10. User:Cgelpi3
  11. User:ChoustonHallum
  12. User:cweath7
  13. User:Droptableusername
  14. User:green8907
  15. User:Jdavi56
  16. User:Jtatlsu
  17. User:Ledraisel
  18. User:Mmart67
  19. User:Ndystorms
  20. User:peedeeramone
  21. User:Pingywen
  22. User:Rdlaw
  23. User:Squishy Crayons
  24. User:Tiger4Life
  25. User:trerjrdr
  26. User:zKaiser

Work areas[edit]

This is a list of ISDS 4120 students' Wikipedia usernames and links to their respective Wikipedia articles on which they will be working.

These articles were approved for Did You Know:

These articles were written in another language besides English:

These articles contain new images uploaded by students:

These are new articles that were created:

These articles created new sections for current articles:

These are articles that were improved:

Quick Resources for Students[edit]

Campus Ambassador[edit]

The campus ambassador for this course is Kari Walters.

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