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Some general style guidelines for use when writing Wikipedia articles related to Warhammer 40,000. As always, ignore all rules if this would make a better article.

  • Language: in general, articles should be written in British English (armour, honour, etc). This both fits with the language used in current articles, and the fact that Games Workshop are a British company.
    • Games Workshop use "codexes" as the plural of "codex", so this should be used in articles as well, whether it is technically right or wrong.
  • The Name of the Game: Warhammer 40,000 (italicised). Don't use abbreviations such as "40K" or "WH40K": while players probably know what they mean, general readers may not.
  • Dates: don't use the "999.M41" style seen in Games Workshop materials, as this is opaque to general readers. Instead, round to the nearest millennium (If more specific dating is required, go to the nearest quarter millennium or hundred years); for example, "event happened in 623.M40", becomes "event happened in the third quarter of the 40th millennium " OR "event happened six hundred years into the 40th millennium"
  • Referencing style: see talk for discussion.