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Episode 102: Visual Editor and RFCs - 30 September 2013
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Planned time

  • Google Hangouts, Monday, Sep 30, 9pm Eastern US time. Contact: Andrew Lih or Facebook group [1]
  • Facebook planning and discussion page for Wikipedia Weekly [2]


Roundtable Topics[edit]

There was a showdown over Visual Editor this week, as the WMF yielded to pressure to change the visual editor's status to non-default, and opt-in. We need to have a serious discussion about what it means to have "community consensus" vs WMF's actions. Can anyone wrap their arms around what "the community" means anymore? People who have the special knowledge and time to seek out RFCs tucked into corners of Wikipedia? Ones who go to Wikimania and are involved with chapters? Newbie editors who don't even know what Village Pump is, much less the many sub-pages where discussions take place?

  • MUST TALK about Emily's Wiki project -

News and notes
Top articles this week
3  Breaking Bad    1,094,844
4       Facebook        663,781
5       Lycos   633,791
6       List of Breaking Bad episodes   605,400
7       Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  580,701
8       Grand Theft Auto V      554,242
9       Breaking Bad (season 5) 526,088
10      Alive   487,729
11      Undefined       483,923
12      Alive!  467,651
13      Google  400,116
14      Dexter (TV series)      371,813
15      Max Martin      352,775
16      Deaths in 2013  344,294
17      G-force         338,360
18      The Big Bang Theory     323,275
19      List of Bollywood films of 2013 320,177
20      Lorde   305,200

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