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Episode 43: The Future of Wikipedia
Released: March 27, 2008

WikipediaWeekly Episode 43.

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This is Wikipedia Weekly... episode 43 for the week of March 10, 2008.


  • Call for new voices on the podcast
  • NotTheWikipediaWeekly
  • To our listeners Wikipedia Weekly is an independent, community audiocast, and is not affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation. The contents of this page are that of their authors alone.
  • Wikipedia Review tests our independence
    • Liam replies to criticism of the show with Angela Beesley
  • Latest with Jimmy, Valleywag, Danny, board, but discussed in a professional/balanced way, and not a scandalsheet
    • Valleywag publishes chat from Marsden and Wales
    • Wales comes out with on-wiki User page statement
    • Marsden puts attire on eBay for sale
    • More Valleywag stories related to leaked chat
    • Bloggers (namely Danny) blog about WMF finances and Jimmy's expenditures
    • Sue Gardner responds on blog of Danny's blog (
    • Canadian Press picks up on this story, Australian shortly after
    • Associated Press picks up
    • CNET Live appearance by Sue Gardner [1]
  • Debate from last week about 20 million articles. Lots of juicy discussion on that, and most ppl siding with Liam and not me. :) But the numbers don't lie. Let's talk about stats we have now, and hopefully stats to come from Erik Zachte now that we finally have Feb 2008 dumps (yeah!)
  • Wiki industry -- Wikileaks, forgot to talk about that. Kaltura, which came out when we were on hiatus, and as brought up by Brianna's good blog post about this.
  • Alexandria update
    • The board has asked me to review the Wikimania security issues. I've asked Mike to commission a routine conference site assessment from a professional firm, with a special focus on issues facing LGBT participants, and within the context of us being an organization that's highly-visible and not uncontroversial (e.g., Muhammad pictures, etc.). We'll ask for an overall threat assessment, as well as a set of recommendations on how to best reduce risk. I'll report progress to the board in April. - Sue Gardner
  • Rfb and 90%

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