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Welcome to the broadcasting from the 4th Wikimania. This year coming from the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt.

WikipediaWeekly Episodes 53-61: Wikimania 2008. Shown (from left to right) Board members Ting Chen, Domas Mituzas, Michael Snow, Jan-Bart de Vreede, Jimmy Wales and Kat Walsh
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One to one with Sue Gardner[edit]

An in depth interview with the Foundation's Executive Director covering her take on the state of the community, the board/staff relations, the role of chapters, the budget and much more besides.


Liam Wyatt talks with Eric Johnson, from the office of eDiplomacy at the U.S. Department of State about their internal wiki - Diplopedia. A two year old media-wiki project for all of America’s diplomats and embassies.

Cormac Lawler from Wikiversity[edit]

Looking over the sea, we discuss the role of Wikiversity within the Wikimedia projects. Where they've come from and where they're going.

Corpus Linguistics[edit]

Recorded before the closing ceremony of Wikimania '08, Muhammad Abdul-Mageed talks to Liam Wyatt about his linguistic analysis work of en-Wikipedia. By analysing the frequency of "hedger" and "booster" words in both articles and in talk pages he compares our writing quality favourably to a PhD level.

Daily Episodes[edit]

Pre-Conference: Wednesday July 16[edit]

One day to go!

Liam Wyatt and Andrew Lih, attending Wikimania, finally make it to Alexandria, Egypt. They talk about the environment of the city, the new library, meeting Wikipedians before the hectic conference starts.

Day 1: Thursday July 17[edit]

Andrew Lih and Liam Wyatt summarize the day’s events, including the morning keynote by the head of the Alexandria Library, the afternoon talk by Jimmy Wales and the Wikimedia Foundation board panel. Sessions about surveys, lightning talks, writing statistics and community collaboration.

Day 2: Friday July 18[edit]

The lowdown on the events from the second day in Alexandria - sessions, ideas and controversies.

Day 3: Saturday July 19[edit]

From the roof of the Windsor Palace Hotel, overlooking the bay of Alexandria, Andrew Lih, Liam Wyatt, James Forrester and Austin Hair sum up the final day of Wikimania 2008.

Post Conference: Sunday July 20[edit]

A brief rooftop interview with Jimbo followed by a whole-of-conference wrap up recorded from the taxi back to cairo.

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