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The Wikipedia Signpost

Seven arbitrators chosen

By Ral315, 26 December 2006
December 2006 ArbCom elections
A Signpost series
Nov. 6 Campaigns begin
Nov. 13 Election information
Nov. 27 Candidates, part one
Dec. 4 Elections begin, candidates, part two
Dec. 11 Mid-election report
Dec. 18 Elections end
Dec. 26 New arbitrators appointed
Jan. 15 Arbitrator interviews

On Tuesday, Jimbo Wales announced the election of seven users to the Arbitration Committee: Flcelloguy, Kirill Lokshin, Paul August, UninvitedCompany, and Jpgordon received three-year terms, while FloNight and Blnguyen received terms of up to two years.

FloNight and Blnguyen received seats in Tranche Beta, which would expire on December 31, 2008. FloNight replaces Mindspillage, who retired to join the Wikimedia Board of Trustees, and Blnguyen replaces Filiocht, who was appointed in January 2006, but has not participated in any arbitration cases due to illness. Should Mindspillage return to the Committee, or Filiocht return to the website, they can claim expansion seats on Tranche Beta.

Jimbo chose the top seven candidates by percentage; Flcelloguy, Kirill Lokshin and Paul August received over 90% support in the elections, while UninvitedCompany and Jpgordon received 85%, and FloNight and Blnguyen received 84%. UninvitedCompany becomes only the second arbitrator (with James F.) to rejoin the Committee after serving a prior nonconsecutive term; he retired in February 2004, shortly after the Committee began hearing cases.

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