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The Wikipedia Signpost

The Report on Lengthy Litigation

By David Mestel, 5 November, 2007

The Arbitration Committee accepted one new case this week, and closed one case.

Closed case

  • The Troubles: A case involving a large number of editors on articles related to The Troubles. As a result of the case, any editors joining in the edit-warring on the articles in question are liable to be placed on probation, and the indefinite ban of Vintagekits was lifted.

New case

Evidence phase

  • Stefanomencarelli: A case involving alleged copyright violations by Stefanomencarelli, for which he was banned from the Italian Wikipedia. Problems are also caused by Stefanomencarelli's lack of fluency in English. Stefanomencarelli denies the allegations.

Voting phase

  • Martinphi-ScienceApologist: A case involving alleged POV-pushing and incivility on pseudoscience-related articles. Kirill Lokshin has proposed remedies restricting the editing of Martinphi and ScienceApologist, and limiting ScienceApologist to one account.
  • Ebionites: A case involving alleged POV-pushing on the Ebionites article. Kirill Lokshin has proposed a remedy restricting MichaelCPrice's editing to one revert per page per week, for one year.
  • Alkivar: A case involving alleged misuse of administrative tools by Alkivar, including protection of a page in a dispute in which he was allegedly involved, an indefinite block of Equazcion, and a banner on his userpage stating that "comments left by anonymous editors may be removed without warning". Remedies desysopping Alkivar and forbidding him from reapplying through RfA, and banning Burntsauce as a meatpuppet of JB196.
  • Commodore Sloat-Biophys: A case wherein Biophys alleges that Commodore Sloat has been incivil and has edit-warred, while Sloat denies the allegations and alleges that Biophys has not been co-operative in the dispute. Kirill Lokshin has proposed a remedy, supported by Fred Bauder, instructing the parties to refrain from interacting with or commenting about each other in any way.

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