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The Wikipedia Signpost

In the news

By Enochlau, 2 January, 2008

Inclusionists and deletionists

Wikipedia wars: Who decides what to include? - The debate between inclusionists, who feel that there are no space restrictions, and deletionists, who believe that quality comes before quantity, rages on. Wikipedia administrator Andrew Lih said that it was developing a "soup Nazi culture", and that he felt the tide turning recently regarding what was considered acceptable. Lih, who was once considered a deletionist, is now considered an inclusionist, after a dispute over one of his articles. Regardless of which camp rules the day, Wikipedia's deletion procedures are open for all to see.

Wikipedia quick on Bhutto updates

See for example The implications of Bhutto's murder and Bhutto, at the speed of Wiki... - Amongst the media storm over the death of Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto, Wikipedia was mentioned as being very quick to update her biography. Apparently, it took Wikipedia just 10 minutes from the announcement of her death to change "is" to "was", and another author found Wikipedia useful as a news source, because it was updated frequently, with references. A warning flag at the top of the article indicated that events were still unfolding.

Other mentions

Other recent mentions in the online press include:

Also this week:

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