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Part 1: Wikipedia- and Institution Partnerships[edit]

1. GLAM-Wiki (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Wikipedia) Main pages[edit]

Wikipedia Event Attendance Sheet (blank)
Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon checklist

2. Why Use Wikipedia?[edit]

3. Projects and Events[edit]

Institutional editing

  • Write articles relevant to institutional collections using authority information and archival materials.
  • Add references and links to Wikipedia articles to improve article quality and publicize digitized collections.
  • Hold Staff Trainings on Editing Practices and incorporate editing Wikipedia into workflows and/or develop a point person to centralize Wikipedia activities institutionally.


  • Invite the public and local Wikipedians to collaborate in writing articles about your institutional collections.
  • Hold staff-only Edit-a-Thons/Wikipedia trainings centered around a specific theme.

Further Resoucres

Other Projects

  • Wikipedians in Residence
  • Image uploading to and media, video, and text donations to other Wiki platforms.
  • Create and maintain a GLAM project page for your institution with updates on Wikipedia activities and coverage of institutional materials on Wikipedia.

4. Adding Institutional Materials to Wikipedia[edit]

Table of Possible Tasks for GLAM Editing Projects

Task Example 1 Example 2
1. Add references to your institution’s resources in Wikipedia articles. Alternately, add wikipedia links or references to your institutional webpage Metropolitan Museum's Watson Library's project: a project which has been focused on the library adding external links and references that go back to the library catalog page. Wikipedia citation code placed at the bottom of pages on the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum. Wikipedia citation code at the bottom of pages on the Powerhouse Museum online catalog.
2. Edit articles on topics of interest to your institution, improving article quality Create and update a list of articles that you want to edit on the GLAM page host an editing contest with a prize awarded for the best article about an object in your institution
3. Create discrete sections for collection information or independent articles for collections See 'Collections' in Smithsonian Institution Archives of American Art List of works in Museum of Modern Art Department of Painting and Sculpture San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Selected Collection Highlights Section
4. List "highlights of the collection” and create articles for the objects, books, or documents which you choose to highlight. Remember to search for those items first before making a new article to prevent duplication British Library: Highlights of the collections Collection of the National Gallery, London: Paintings Highlights Highlights in the Collection: Frick Collection
5. Create Exhibition pages The Portrait Now The Prague Project New Painting of Common Objects
6. Add images to Wikimedia Commons Walter's Art Museum Large volume uploading
7. Authority Control Template made by Max Klein, Wikipedian at OCLC Scroll down to the bottom of the Alexander Graham Bell article and find the authority control box

5. Use Cases: New York[edit]

Museum of Modern Art

New York Public Library

More See: METRO LibGuide/Wikipedia Use Cases in New York

6. Wikipedia in Education/Educational Libraries[edit]

Getting Started

Resources to Get Started

Student Training Resources

Use Cases

Part 2: Editing Wikipedia: Hands On Training[edit]

1. Principles of Wikipedia[edit]

  1. Wikipedia:Neutral point of view---> conflicts of interest—if you think you have a COI, don’t create the article, post that someone else should create it on a related talk page.
  2. Wikipedia:Verifiability
  3. Wikipedia:Notability

Expressing Affiliation - User pages, Project Pages, Talk Pages

2. Style[edit]

3. User Pages[edit]

  • Used to express your institutional, personal affiliations, and to connect.
  • Creating a user account is necessary to edit.
  • User pages: Example 1 / Example 2 express affiliation and list articles you've edited or added.
  • One person per account rule
  • Your Talk Page is place where other users express concerns with edits you make, where users can have conversations, and where bots sometimes post to make sure you are using the proper Wiki conventions.

4. Editing[edit]

  • Creating an article
  • Help:Cheatsheet Markup cheatsheet
  • Cheatsheet x2
  • First search to make sure the article doesn’t already exist by another name.
  • Stubs - articles with incomplete encyclopedic information, but acceptable as articles.
  • Stubs can be created so that others fill them in at a later date

5. Starting Out[edit]

6. Standards in ALL articles[edit]

  • 1st word bolded
  • References, and a reference section.
  • Headings (logical structure is key)
  • Internal-Wiki links (blue links)

Optional activities:

  • Add See Also:
  • Add categories
  • Add Wikimedia Commons Photos to articles

On the talk page, list your affiliations and reasons for editing

7. Wikimedia Commons:[edit]

  • Uploading images to Wikipedia and Uploading to Commons have different procedures.
  • Commons User Accounts are the same for wiki, but you must log on again.
  • Upload Wizard to upload photos.
  • Commons Licensing is generally: CC0 ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, but you have options when you upload.
Batch Uploading large volumes of photographs onto Commons

Part 3: Wikipedia in the Workflow[edit]

7. More Resources[edit]

Stats Tools on Wikipedia

8. Further Discussion[edit]

  • What institutional department does Wikipedia fit in best? IE social media, archives, library, curatorial?
  • How to stay updated about the activities of the GLAM-Wiki community?
  • Is there a need for the creation of standards of GLAM-Wiki pages, for the purpose of streamlining the training of GLAMs themselves, and making private users more aware of the particular editing practices of GLAM-Wiki editors? Would this help simplify disputes about conflict of interest in GLAM-Wiki projects?
  • What platform should be used to help connect NY GLAM-Wiki projects. Wikipedia? a blog? a listserv? Twitter and/or other social media?

Attendees of September 18th event on these topics at the Metropolitan New York Library Council[edit]

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