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For the current deletion process, see Wikipedia:Deletion process.

Add links to stupid, incorrect, or otherwise unwanted page titles to the list below so an admin can find them, check to see that they are indeed not legitimate pages, and delete them. If the content of a page-to-be-deleted exists on some different page, please indicate that, somehow, on the page-to-be-deleted (either by redirecting it to the correctly titled page, or, better for our purposes, putting in a link to it). To facilitate checking that a "page title to be deleted" really ought to be deleted, please don't redirect such pages to page titles to be deleted.

Please review Wikipedia policy on permanent deletion of pages before adding to this page. In the past, about half of the titles added to this page were not deleted. In particular, do not add article names to this list that might in the future become articles. There's no reason to delete those. Also, please don't list pages on this page that can easily and sensibly be redirected to another page. E.g., a page called Hume can be easily and sensibly redirected to David Hume; presidant (a misspelling) can be redirected to president; etc. (Even misspellings can be caught by search engines and provide Wikipedia perfectly relevant traffic!) Similarly, pages in the wrong namespace (for example, user pages in the main namespace), can be redirected and should not be deleted if there are still old links to them. (See Talk)

NOTE to Wiki Administrators: Simply deleting a page does not automatically delete its talk page or any subpages. Please delete these pages first, and then the main page. Also, if you are presented with a page in the database that only has "Describe the new page here." in an edit box, then please remove this phrase, hit save and then check the history of that page to make sure its content wasn't simply replaced by "Describe the new page here.". Then you can delete the page.

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