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This page is meant for the collation of information about members of this WikiProject which extends the Participants listing.

Activity surveys[edit]

2008 Quarter 1 (Jan-Mar): Talk page monitoring survey[edit]

This survey is meant to provide a feeling for how long queries placed on Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Companies would need to remain open before being considered as seen and commented on by most interested Project participants. Please list yourself in the group(s) you feel you might fall into below. section started by User:Ceyockey (talk to me) 03:42, 9 January 2008 (UTC)

Talk-page monitoring[edit]

Look at talk page changes whenever they show up on watchlist
Visit talk page at least twice a week
Visit talk page at least once a week
Visit talk page at least once a month
Never visit the talk page

Discussion and notification preferences[edit]

Interested in engaging in discussions
Interested in signing polls (voting)
Put something on my talk page if you want my input


Interested in receiving a newsletter
Might be interested in contribution to a newsletter


Project talk page on watchlist, mostly interested in saving viable articles from deletion, willing to provide sources and copyedit

(if there is a heading that doesn't fit you - add it below)