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Help an article?[edit]

Hey, I'm going to post this on multiple WikiProjects so there will be some cut/paste - my apologies for that. I was recently going through the articles at Category:Proposed deletion and came across Effects of genocide on youth. The article was written by AMWilkinson, who created the article as an assignment for Wikipedia:Wiki Ed/Drake University/Global Youth Studies (Fall 2015). It's currently up for PROD as WP:OR, but I do think that there's merit in covering this specific part of the topic. Now whether or not it could merit an article outside of the main topic is a good question.

A quick, offhand look at the page does show that it's written like a student paper, which is a frequent issue with student assignments but not one that can't be overcome. I need someone to help salvage the article, which will likely require some searching for sources. I tried doing some very quick and dirty searching but it wasn't exactly easy, since a lot comes up with a general search without limiting anything, even when I search an academic database like JSTOR. This will likely be a massive undertaking.

I can help out some, but it really won't be until after my school is done for the quarter, which won't be for another week at least, and this needs some urgent help. I could move it to the draftspace, but I'm afraid of it getting neglected. Anyone willing to help? Tokyogirl79 (。◕‿◕。) 11:54, 27 November 2015 (UTC)


Could someone reassess Gangster please ? Anthere (talk) 14:58, 16 December 2015‎ (UTC)

Style guide?[edit]

Is there a relevant style guide for crime-related articles? I'm looking at a discussion at WP:BLPN and thinking that there should be a page that contains definitions about how Wikipedia normally uses some words. These should include these (please feel free to improve):

A person who was harmed. The harm may or may not be the result of a crime. The victim may or may not make any reports or accusations. For example, a victim of homicide.
A person who committed a crime, or, more broadly, a person who performed an action, especially an action that is morally or legally wrong. Use this when there is reasonable certainty that a crime was actually committed. For example, an unknown perpetrator smashed every window in this building or they are the perpetrators of this elaborate rumor.
A person who makes an accusation. The accusation may or may not be true. The accuser is not always a victim; it is possible to make accusations about victimless crimes and about crimes that affected other people. For example, their accuser said that these employees formed an illegal sports betting pool or their loudest accuser is the mother of the murder victim.
A person who has been accused. The accusation may or may not be true.

There are probably more words that should be added to the list. What do you think? WhatamIdoing (talk) 19:33, 4 January 2016 (UTC)

"Death of..." vs. "Murder of"[edit]

Hello, I'm looking for some clarification or consensus regarding when an article should be titled "Murder of Joe Schmoe" as opposed to "Death of Joe Schmoe". Up till now, I have figured that "Death of Joe Schmoe" is appropriate where it is unclear whether an actual murder occurred, in that no one has been convicted of murder and/or the circumstances raised a question of whether the death was murder or something else like manslaughter, accident, etc. However, today I was cleaning up Death of Jason Sweeney and wondered why it is not called Murder of Jason Sweeney given that the circumstances of his death were clearly not an accident (his face was beaten in to the point of unrecognizability), and furthermore, three people have been convicted of first-degree murder in his case and a fourth pled guilty to third-degree murder. So he was obviously murdered. Is there any reason why the article title shouldn't reflect this, for clarity? TheBlinkster (talk) 22:56, 17 January 2016 (UTC)

Since no one seems to have a concern about this, I went ahead and moved the page to Murder of Jason Sweeney. TheBlinkster (talk) 03:39, 21 January 2016 (UTC)