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Lower Richmond language [potential separate article]
Warekena Velha and Baniwa of Guania [all very confused]

Red links[edit]

carried over[edit]

pidgins as of v. 2.3[1]
South Australian Pidgin English (ca. 1900)
WW2 Pidgin German (in the concentration camps, not likely to be stable)
Bauxite Pidgin (early French-based - but where? no data in source?)
sign languages as of v. 3.3[2]
Maxakali Sign Language (Brazil, home sign, or at least young)
Marajo Sign Language (Brazil, perhaps home sign)

The following are new languages, new names, or changes in punctuation or capitalization that were red links when the Glottolog 4 DB was downloaded. There may be additional new names that already had links created for them.

Akabea language, Akabo language, Akacari language, Akajeru language, Akakede language, Akakol language, Akakora language, Akarbale language, Apucikwar language, Archaic Angloromani language, Bangladesh Lyngam language, Berbey Sign Language, Bouni-Bobe language, Cabixi-Natterer language, Cauqui language, Central Alemannic language, Central East Middle German language, Central Romani language, Chung language, Clatsop-Shoalwater Chinook language, Dewas-Done Danuwar language, Douentza Sign Language, Early Irish language, East Danish language, Ems-Weser Frisian language, Estonian Swedish language, French Harbour Sign Language, Gardabani Bohtan Neo-Aramaic language, German Northern Low Saxon language, Hatang Kayi language, Hindeloopen-Molkwerum Frisian language, Hoia Hoia-Ukusi-Koperami language, Hoyahoya-Matakaia language, Iha-based Pidgin, India Lyngam language, Inmaculada Sign Language, Kailge Sign Language, Kakkala language, Klamu language, Kochariya-East Danuwar language, Kéo language, Lesotho Sign Language, Lycian A language, Moselle Franconian language, Mount Avejaha Sign Language, Northeast Itelmen language, Okojuwoi language, Old-Middle Welsh language, Old Dutch-Old Frankish language, Ostfränkisch language, Pfaelzisch-Lothringisch language, Samue language, Schiermonnikoog Frisian language, Sihan language (Gum), South Itelmen language, South Rupununi Sign language, Stau-Dgebshes language, Tayabas Ayta language near Lucena City in Western Quezon, Terschelling Frisian language, Umeda-Punda language, Wanib Sign Language, West Itelmen language, Western Flemish language, Westphalic language, Woiwurrung-Thagungwurrung language, Zigula-Mushungulu language