Wilberforce, Sierra Leone

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Wilberforce is a neighborhood in Freetown, Sierra Leone. It is home to the Wilberforce military barracks, which is one of the largest and main baracks of the Sierra Leone military.

Wilberforce is also home to several foreign embassies, including China, Gambia, Germany, Liberia, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, and Austria [1]. It is also home to a military barracks [2].


Wilberforce was founded in 1810 provide accommodation for recaptives, liberated enslaved Africans, who had been brought to Freetown by the British Royal Navy West Africa Squadron. It was formerly known as Cabenda.[1]:122

Notable People from Wilberforce, Sierra Leone[edit]


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Coordinates: 8°28′N 13°16′W / 8.467°N 13.267°W / 8.467; -13.267