Wild Weißeritz

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Wilde Weißeritz
Tharandt (3) 2006-05-11.jpg
Wilde Weißeritz in Tharandt
Origin Eastern Czech Ore Mountains
Mouth Weißeritz
50°58′54″N 13°37′46″E / 50.98167°N 13.62944°E / 50.98167; 13.62944Coordinates: 50°58′54″N 13°37′46″E / 50.98167°N 13.62944°E / 50.98167; 13.62944
Basin countries Germany
Length 52.5 km (32.6 mi)
Source elevation 823 m (2,700 ft)
Mouth elevation 823 m (2,700 ft)
Basin area 162.7 km2 (62.8 sq mi)

The Wild Weißeritz (German: Wilde Weißeritz, Czech: Divoká Bystřice) is a river in the Czech Republic and in the German state of Saxony which drains the eastern Ore Mountains. It is the longest tributary of the Weißeritz.

The valley of the Wild Weißeritz is almost free of settlements. The Wild Weißeritz runs through Tharandt just some kilometres before it forms the Weißeritz together with the tributary Red Weißeritz in Freital.

The river feeds two water reservoirs for drinking water abstraction (Klingenberg Reservoir and Lehnmühle Reservoir).