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Wilhelm von[1] Le Suire (June 9, 1787 – March 10, 1852), known in Greece as Lessouiros (Greek: Λεσσουΐρος, Λεζουΐρος) was a Bavarian Lieutenant General, War Minister under Otto of Greece during 1834 and under Maximilian II of Bavaria from November 21, 1848 to May 29, 1849.


Le Suire was born in Mengeringhausen. He joined the Bavarian army in 1806, and took part as an officer in the campaigns from 1809 to 1815. During 1833 and 1835 he served in Greece, which was governed by prince regent Otto. From May 1834 he served as War Minister in the Government of Mavrocordatos of 1833. When he returned to Bavaria, he became Oberst, in 1840 he was advanced to Major General and Brigadier. In 1848 he was promoted Lieutenant General and became a divisional commander, and at the end of the same year was appointed as war minister of the Kingdom of Bavaria. He had to retire because of health issues, and served again as divisional commander until 1852, when he died in Nuremberg.[2]

References and notes[edit]

  1. ^ In German personal names, von is a preposition which approximately means of or from and usually denotes some sort of nobility. While von (always lower case) is part of the family name or territorial designation, not a first or middle name, if the noble is referred to by surname alone in English, use Schiller or Clausewitz or Goethe, not von Schiller, etc.
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