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William Franklin Willoughby (1867–1960) was an author of public administration texts including works on budgeting. He often worked with his twin brother, Westel W. Willoughby.


He was born on 20 July 1867 in Alexandria, Virginia.

  • Died: 6 May 1960 of a heart attack, Newport News, Virginia
  • Graduated from Johns Hopkins University, 1885[1]
  • Siblings: brother, Westel Woodbury Willoughby (1867-1945); sister, Alice Estelle Willoughby[1]
  • Wife: Bessie Talbot (Appleby) Willoughby[1]

Leadership Positions[edit]


  • The Government of Modern States, The Century Co., 1919
  • Government Organization in War Time and After: A Survey of the Federal Civil Agencies Created for the Prosecution of the War, 1919
  • The National Budget System, With Suggestions for Its Improvement, The Johns Hopkins Press, 1927
  • Financial Condition and Operations of the National Government 1921-1930, The Brookings Institution, 1931
  • The Movement for Budgetary Reform in the States, D. Appleton and Co. NY. 1918


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