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William J. MacDonald is an American film and television producer and writer.

Early life and education[edit]

MacDonald has an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and a law degree from Fordham University in New York.[1]


MacDonald worked in international trade and business affairs. Eventually he rose to run Hollywood producer Robert Evans' production company at Paramount Pictures.

MacDonald has a producer, co-producer or executive producer credit on Sliver, Jade, An Occasional Hell, Rough Riders, Molly and One Man's Hero. He co-wrote one episode for the TNT series, Witchblade, which ran from 2001–2002.

He was also a co-creator of the HBO original series Rome (in association of the BBC) along with John Milius and Bruno Heller. MacDonald served as an executive producer and writer on the series. The episode Caesarion (2005) was written by MacDonald.

MacDonald also worked with Milius on the 1997 TV movie The Rough Riders as the lead executive producer. The Rough Riders held the single night viewing record—33 million viewers.[citation needed]

MacDonald also wrote an unproduced screenplay based on Iris Chang's bestselling novel The Rape of Nanking.[2]


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