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Group photograph of the justices of the Supreme Court of Ontario, Second Divisional Court. Depicted from left to right are: Justice Masten, Justice Riddell, Justice Latchford, Justice Middleton, and Justice Orde. A court clerk is seated below the bench. The photograph was taken in a courtroom at Osgoode Hall, ca. 1925

William Renwick Riddell (6 April 1852 – 18 February 1945) was a Canadian lawyer, judge, and historian. Riddell was born in Hamilton Township, Ontario and attended Cobourg Grammar School and Victoria College. He was called to the bar in 1883, and conducted a law practice in Cobourg until he moved to Toronto in 1893. Riddell was appointed as judge to the Supreme Court of Ontario in 1906.[1]

As a historian, he published numerous works of legal, medical and social history, including biographies of William Kirby and John Graves Simcoe.

Riddell was President of Crossen Car Manufacturing Company and married Anna Crossen, daughter of the company's founder.

Riddell died in Toronto in 1945.


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