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William Vandyck is an actor, writer and practising barrister.[1]

Comedy on Radio and TV[edit]

William Vandyck co-wrote and starred in the BBC Radio 4 series And Now In Colour, which also starred Tim Firth and Michael Rutger; one of the Christmas Specials of which won silver medal at the New York Festivals. He was also the host of the BBC Radio 4 comedy panel series King Stupid, which later became The 99p Challenge, presented by Sue Perkins, and featured in other Radio 4 comedies such as The Intelligence Men and The Legendary Series. On TV he co-wrote and starred in BBC's It's a Mad World, World, World, World with Alistair McGowan. He also featured as "Man at Till" in The Return of Mr Bean with Rowan Atkinson, and The Imaginatively Titled Punt and Dennis Show with Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis, and Ripley and Scuff. [2]


William Vandyck is the author of ten children's books, including The Punctuation Repair Kit. Also, with Tim de Jongh, How to Get Away With Absolutely Anything and How To Do Your Homework in Ten Seconds Flat and, with Tim Scott, The Musketeers Adventure Agency and Tony and Cleo's Interesting Year.[3]


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