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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Williamsburg of the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is shown separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k = killed

Army of Northern Virginia[edit]

Gen Joseph E. Johnston
Commanding in the field: MG James Longstreet

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division

     MG James Longstreet
     BG Richard H. Anderson[1]

First Brigade

   BG A. P. Hill

Second Brigade

   BG Richard H. Anderson
   Col Micah Jenkins

  • 4th South Carolina Battalion: Maj Charles S. Mattison
  • 5th South Carolina: Col John R.R. Giles
  • 6th South Carolina: Col John Bratton
  • Palmetto (S. C.) Sharpshooters: Col Micah Jenkins, Ltc Joseph Walker
  • Louisiana Foot Rifles: Cpt McGavock Godwyn
  • Fauqueir (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Robert M. Stribling
  • Williamsburg (Virginia) Artillery (2 guns): Cpt William R. Garret
  • Richmond (Virginia) Howitzers (2 guns): Cpt Edward S. McCarthy
Third Brigade

   BG George Pickett

Fourth Brigade

   BG Cadmus M. Wilcox

Fifth Brigade

   BG Roger A. Pryor

Colston's Brigade

   BG Raleigh E. Colston

  • 3rd Virginia Infantry: Col Joseph Mayo
  • 13th North Carolina: Col Alfred M. Scales
  • 14th North Carolina: Col Philetus W. Roberts
  • Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Battery (3 guns): Lt Lestang Fortier

Magruder's Command

     BG D.R. Jones[2]
     BG Lafayette McLaws[3]

Semmes' Brigade

   BG Paul J. Semmes

Kershaw's Brigade

   BG Joseph B. Kershaw

  • 2nd South Carolina
  • 3rd South Carolina
  • 7th South Carolina
  • 8th South Carolina
Forces at Williamsburg

   Col Benjamin S. Ewell

  • 17th Virginia Infantry (Company H)[4]
  • 32nd Virginia Infantry (detachment)
  • 52nd Virginia Militia
  • 68th Virginia Militia
  • 115th Virginia Militia
  • Companies B and C, Allens' Battalion[5]

D. H. Hill's Division

     MG D. H. Hill

Early's Brigade

   BG Jubal A. Early (W)
   Col Duncan K. McRae (w)[6]

Rodes' Brigade

   BG Robert E. Rodes

Rains' Brigade

   BG Gabriel J. Rains

Featherston's Brigade

   BG W.S. Featherston

  • 2nd Mississippi Battalion: Ltc John G. Taylor
Cavalry Cavalry Brigade

   BG J.E.B. Stuart

from MG G.W. Smith's Command Unattached


  1. ^ commanding the left
  2. ^ acting
  3. ^ commanding division in the field
  4. ^ Old Dominion Rifles
  5. ^ 10th Battalion, Virginia Heavy Artillery
  6. ^ minor wound, stayed in command
  7. ^ fought in the action of May 4