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Williamsford is a village on the North Saugeen River in Grey County, Ontario, Canada (Chatsworth Township). It has a general store, post office, a bookstore[1] and restaurant housed in a historic grain mill. A small dam controls the North Saugeen River. It has several churches, and a community cemetery. It is located on Highway 6 between Durham and Owen Sound.

The village of Williamsford was first surveyed in 1858 comprising 400 acres in preparation for a railway which was to run from Toronto to Owen Sound. Each township was to contribute $40,000 to its construction. The post office was built in 1847 and the general store was built in the late 1800s.[2]:204–206


At the south end of the village sits the community centre grounds. The grounds contain a playground, a baseball diamond and a newly built curling rink.[3] The curling rink which was completed in 2010 consists of a lounge and two rinks.

The community was previously served by a hockey arena with the original attached curling rink. The arena was planned in 1954 and opened officially in 1956[2]:207 and was torn down in 2008.[4]

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Coordinates: 44°22′39″N 80°52′16″W / 44.3774°N 80.8711°W / 44.3774; -80.8711


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