Windauer Ache

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Windauer Ache
Brixentaler Ache Grafik.jpg
The diagram shows the course of the Windauer Ache, which flows in a northerly direction - from the Salzburg border to Hopfgarten.
Location in the Windautal / Kitzbühel Alps,  Austria
Basin features
Main source Rainkarsee on the Kröndlhorn
2,200 m (AA)
47°18′25″N 12°10′15″E / 47.30694°N 12.17083°E / 47.30694; 12.17083Coordinates: 47°18′25″N 12°10′15″E / 47.30694°N 12.17083°E / 47.30694; 12.17083
River mouth In Haslau / Hopfgarten into the Brixentaler Ache
630 m (AA)
47°26′17″N 12°10′18″E / 47.43806°N 12.17167°E / 47.43806; 12.17167
Progression Brixentaler Ache → Inn → Danube → Black Sea
River system Danube
Basin size Windautal
Landmarks Villages: Westendorf and Hopfgarten
  • Left:
    Falberbach, Dürrnbach
  • Right:
    Miesenbach, Rettenbach
Waterbodies Lakes: Reinkarsee
Physical characteristics
Length 21 km

The Windauer Ache is a mountain stream in the scenic Windautal valley in the Kitzbühel Alps in Austria.

The Ache rises on the Rainkarsee at about 2,200 m AMSL and its middle reaches run through a roughly 4 km long gorge. In Hopfgarten the Windauer Ache discharges into the Brixentaler Ache at a narrow point in the valley; the Brixentaler Ache in turn empties into the River Inn at Wörgl.

The Ache flows through the municipalities of Westendorf and Hopfgarten.

The Windauer Ache is very popular for whitewater canoeing (grade WW II to WW V).

High water[edit]

At the end of July 2006, bad weather in the entire Windau valley caused enormous damage. The Windauer Ache burst its banks and bridges, linings and sections of road were torn away.

The cost of repairing the damage - and the associated lining and regulation of the river - ran to some €860,000.