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Original author(s) Software Products International
Initial release 1991; 27 years ago (1991)
Development status Discontinued
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Platform x86
Type Database management system
License Proprietary commercial software

WindowBase was a database management system created by Software Products International (SPI) as the successor to its manager for MS-DOS, Open Access. Introduced in 1991,[1] it was launched in Europe in 1992.[2] It cost $495 ($695 with the SDK for C).[2]

The program incorporated functionalities such as a SDK for C and C++ and support for SQL. The interface offered, among other features: personalization of menus; tools for creating graphical representations of its output; predefined groups of screen and print formats; and context sensitive help. Data could be exported to or imported from the dBase format, Btrieve format, or SPI's own Open Access format. In monoposition,[clarification needed] it was compatible with the Microsoft SQL Server.


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