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Windrushers Gliding Club is a gliding club flying from Bicester Airfield in Oxfordshire, where it moved to from Little Rissington in 1956, later merging with the Royal Air Force Gliding & Soaring Association.The club was reformed as a separate entity in July 2004 [1] after the RAFGSA moved to RAF Halton.Within a year of reforming, it hosted the UK Junior National Championship and its own Regional championship.

Competitions held[edit]

UK Junior Gliding national championship (2005, 2010)

Regional gliding championship (every year since 2004)

Standard Class National Championships (2006, 2011)

18m Class National Championships (2008, 2013)

Club Class National Championships (2015)

UK Grand Prix - 18m (2016)

Club fleet[edit]

Glider type Number owned Club ownership
Alexander-Schleicher ASK13 5 (CCZ, HAL, HMV, JXM, KKR) Windrushers
Grob Twin III 1 (PX) Windrushers
Alexander-Schleicher K8 2 (EED, GD) Windrushers
Grob Astir CS 1 (DFR) Windrushers
Scheibe Falke 2000 Motor Glider 2 (G-KGAW, G-CFMW) Windrushers

Members can also use OUGC's fleet, consisting of another Astir CS (FEF) and ASK21 (ESB).

Some other two seaters and single seaters that are privately owned, however are lent to members of the club for use.[2]

Launch Methods[edit]

Type Name Registration
Winch Skylaunch EVO 2 drum Winch "Main Winch"
Single Engined Tug Piper PA-25 Pawnee G-BFPR
Single Engined Tug Robin DR400 G-ENBW

There are approximately 45 privately owned gliders based at Windrushers.

From April to September the club is open seven days a week with paid staff, and the rest of the year flies at weekends, Wednesdays and Fridays, and Bank Holidays, when volunteers organise the flying (as is common at most other British gliding clubs).

Currently two university gliding clubs operate under the Windrushers supervision: Oxford University Gliding Club and Cranfield University Gliding Club. A small number of students from University College London also fly from Windrushers, although they also maintain a presence at RAF Halton.

The gliding Varsity match between Oxford University Gliding Club and Cambridge University Gliding Club is held at Bicester Airfield every other year, the other years it is held at Gransden Lodge Airfield.[3][4]

Windrushers Gliding club is a BGA approved Junior Gliding Centre.[5]


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