Wine Road of the Samurai

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Wine Road of the Samurai
StarringShin Koyamada
Country of originJapan
Original language(s)English
Executive producer(s)Kenichi Hara
Shin Koyamada
Shinji Yamada
Running time90 minutes
Original networkJNN Network
Original releaseMarch 21, 2006
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Wine Road of The Samurai (ワイン大国を夢見た男達~侍達のワインロード~) is a feature film based on a true story about a delegation of 34 samurai to Europe in 1863, known as the Second Japanese Embassy to Europe (1863). It was directed by Sone Eiji and starred Shin Koyamada as himself and the narrator. This national TV show was first aired throughout Japan on March 21, 2006.

Plot summary[edit]

34 Samurai in front of Sphinx in 1863

This documentary is about a group of samurai sent by the Japanese government to France at the end of the Edo period. At the time, all the ports of Japan were closed, cutting it off from the rest of the world. The samurai were sent to help solve diplomatic problems between Japan and Europe on December 29, 1863. They were welcomed by every government and head of state they visited, including Napoleon III, in France. They were also photographed standing in front of Sphinx, in Egypt. The samurai brought back lots of products from their trip, including a book on wine production. They ended their expedition earlier than expected due to the need to report home about the astonishing technology in modernized countries.


It was filmed on location over the course of a year. It was among the first feature documentary by JNN Network to be filmed in such a wide variety of locations. Director Eiji Sone shot a total of about 300 hours of footage.



  • Directed by: Eiji Sone
  • Executive Produced by: Kenichi Hara
  • Executive producer by: Shin Koyamada
  • Produced by: Eiji Sone
  • Produced by: Shinji Yamada

Executive Producer: Shannon C. Murphy





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