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A wing is an appendage used for flight by an animal or an apparatus used to create lift in aeronautics.

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  • Anna Wing (1914–2013), English actress
  • Brad Wing (born 1991), American-football player from Australia
  • Craig Wing (born 1979), rugby league player for the Sydney Roosters
  • Donald Goddard Wing (1904–1972), Yale Librarian, compiler of a notable short title catalogue of books
  • Jerry L. Wing (1923–1994), American businessman and politician
  • Joseph Wing (born 1810) and William Ricketson Wing (1830–1908), owners of whaling company J. & W. R. Wing Company
  • Lorna Wing (born 1928), Aspergers syndrome researcher
  • Toby Wing (1915–2001), American actress
  • Jeannette Wing, computer science researcher and corporate vice president of Microsoft Research
  • Warner Wing (1805–1876), American jurist and legislator

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