Wings, legs and tails

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Wings, legs and tails
Directed by Igor Kovaliev, Aleksandr Tatarskiy
Produced by G. Saraeva
Written by Albert Ivanov, Igor Kovaliev, Aleksandr Tatarskiy
Starring Alexander Filippenko and Alexei Ptitsyn (voice only)
Music by Yury Chernavsky
Cinematography L. Revtov
Edited by Lubov' Georgiyeva
Distributed by Studio Ekran (Multtelefilm)
Release date
  • 1986 (1986)
Running time
3 min. 53 sec.
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Wings, legs and tails (Russian: Крылья, ноги и хвосты; translit. Krilya, nogi i khvosti) is a 1986 Soviet animation film by Aleksandr Tatarskiy (T/O Ekran studio). The film is about a flying bird who taught the ostrich to fly. The film is a fable for kids telling that everybody has his limitations and abilities.


  • Wings, legs... The main thing is the tail!
  • Come on, ostrich, go! Work, work!
  • It's better to lose a day and fly then in five minutes.
  • If you can't do - we'll teach, if you don't want - we'll force!
  • I said fly, but not run!

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